Suresh Pillai

is a person of diverse creative and interdisciplinary practice, ranging from arts, archaeology, cultural artifacts and museums to locate material history and empirical knowledge among living cultures. His community museum initiatives reflect ideas, desires and practical approaches to regenerate knowledge, skills and traditions embedded in the physical history with aim to create sustainable living models in real locations by communities.

As a documentary filmmaker and author on movement of cultures, his interests are mainly marginalized cultures and Museumisation of living traditions.

Pillai is presently directing a documentary for Toronto Arya Samaj, a project which shall lead to the establishment of a community knowledge center on the spiritual and cultural traditions of Arya Samaj followers, mainly  Indians from Guyana and Trinidad

Museums                            Arikamedu     Oceanic Culture

Programmer Coordinator

Films                                  Jahaji Bhai, Songs of Malabarise, Purano Manush,



2 thoughts on “Suresh Pillai

  1. Medaline Philbert

    Dear Dr. Pillai,

    I’m a librarian at Pace University and i service streaming for faculty and their courses. One of the faculty has requested your documentary, Jahaji Bhai, that’s not available in streaming format. I’m requesting permission to have it streamed in perpetuity for her course, once we’ve purchased the institutional copy.

    I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,



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